Donald Trumpsattorney,Christina Bobb, who waspresent when Mar-a-Lago was raidedby theFederal Bureau of Investigation, reportedly held talks with federal investigators on Friday and named two of the former presidents attorneys.

What Happened:The lawyer, who signed a letter that certified that all sensitive records in Trumps possessions had been turned over to the government, did not draft that statement, people familiar with the mattertoldNBC News.

Bobb reportedly told investigators that it wasEvan Corcoran, the lead lawyer involved in the case at the time, that asked her to sign it. She also named Trumps legal adviserBoris Epshteynto the investigators, who was minimally involved in the discussions about the records.

Before Bobb signed the letter certifying the transfer of records, she insisted that a disclaimer be inserted. The wording certified that Trump had no more records based upon the information that has been provided to me, the NBC sources revealed.

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Why It Matters:Bobb insisted on the disclaimer twice, according to a source named by NBC. She talked with investigators without an immunity deal and is not criminally liable, a source was quoted as saying.

"She is not going to be charged. She is not pointing fingers. She is simply a witness for the truth.

It was reported earlier that both Bobb and Corcoran could be called as witnesses or get entangled in an obstruction investigation linked to the matter.

Trump had described the raid on his Florida home asnot necessary or appropriateon Truth Social, a part of theTrump Media & Technology Group, which is set to go public through a merger withDigital World Acquisition Corp.DWAC .

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