Former PresidentDonald Trumphas reportedly convened meetings and conference calls in recent months to discuss challenging the2022 midterm electionresults.

What Happened:The meetings were attended by pro-Trump groups, lawyers, and Republican Party activists among others,reportedRolling Stone.

Trump is reportedly focused on Pennsylvania including the Senate race between DemocratJohn Fettermanand GOP candidateMehmet Oz.

Why It Matters:The meetings, convened by Trump, have reportedly discussed scenarios on how to challenge elections, especially those where a winner is not declared outright on election night. Actions planned by teams include court and media campaigns.

Trump views the potential midterm challenge as a dress rehearsal for Trump 2024, according to a Rolling Stone source who has spoken to the former president multiple times.

The former U.S. leader lost Pennsylvania to PresidentJoe Bidenin 2020 after winning it in 2016, and it could be the state that chooses the next president in 2024 if the two contest against each other again, Rolling Stone reported.

Trump reportedly believes that he was cheated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the 2020 run and has privately asked his allies to focus on the state in terms of legal resources.

He has asked multiple advisers and at least one of his lawyers what national and local Republicans are doing to prevent Democrats from steal[ing] it in Philadelphia [like] they did last time, according to Rolling Stone.

Trumps legal team posted multiple legal challenges to the Philadelphia presidential elections in 2020 but courts failed to find instances of voter fraud,reportedthe Associated Press.

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