Twitter IncTWTR is reportedly reviewing its permanent ban policies to bring moderation of its platform more in line withTesla IncTSLA CEOElon Muskspoint of view.

What Happened:The policy review began months ago and has yet to arrive at a conclusion,reportedFinancial Times, citing multiple people familiar with the situation.

Twitter is exploring if other content moderation tools could replace permanent bans for violation of certain policies, as per the report.

Changes to Twitter's policies are unlikely, however, to lead up to the return of former PresidentDonald Trumpto the platform, FT noted.

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Why It Matters:Twitter staff are looking at areas where the company has imposed permanent bans in a disproportionate manner for supposedly lesser violations, such as spreading misinformation, reported FT.

Musk, who reactivated a deal to purchase Twitter, has said earlierthat Trump's permanent banwould be reversedand Twitter founderJack Dorseyshares his opinion on the matter.

On permanent bans, Musk said they should be extremely rareand really reserved foraccounts that are bots or spam/scam accounts.

Dorsey said in May that decisions over permanent bans should bereviewed and evolve as necessary, adding that he believed permanent bans of individuals are directionally wrong.

Price Action:On Wednesday, Twitter shares closed 0.3% lower at $49.93 in the regular session and rose 0.1% in the after-hours trading, according todata from Benzinga Pro.

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