Nigel Farage has claimed Vladimir Putin would not have launched a full-scale invasion into Ukraine in February 2022 if Donald Trump had been US president.

Speaking to Sky News, the politician said he is confident Mr Trump will be elected to the White House in November’s election.

“I think the issue of the border, the result of crime problems that you’re seeing in American cities – Chicago is in a terrible, terrible state – I think people look at Trump and say, ‘you know what? This is a tough guy who will actually stand up and fight against that stuff’,” Mr Farage said.

“Plus, and don’t underestimate this, he had a very successful foreign policy when he was president.

“Since he’s gone, the world is now a much more dangerous place than it was before. So I think all these factors are playing for him.”

Mr Farage added: “There is this sort of argument in Europe that he will blow up NATO… I don’t believe any of that for a moment.

“What he wanted was for NATO members to pay their fair share. I don’t believe that Putin would have invaded Ukraine had Trump been in the White House.”

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Mr Farage also said the idea Mr Trump wants to destroy democracy is “nonsense”.

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