BLUETTI POWER Inc. is a global leader in portable and solar energy solutions and is showing no signs of slowing down its innovation. After launching a funding campaign for the AC500 power station and B300S expansion battery pack combo system this past September, BLUETTI has already garnered close to $9.5 million across nearly 4,000 backers – and the funding round isn’t even over yet. As BLUETTI completes milestone after milestone, there’s no better time to purchase an AC500 power station of your own and receive a complimentary gift pack for backers only.

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BLUETTI continues to soar on wings of AC500 campaign

BLUETTI POWER Inc. has always been a top-three player among clean energy solution providers, and its ability to consistently innovate and outperform everyone else has helped set the brand apart. A recent example is BLLUETTI’s recent launch of the new AC500 portable power station, once again pushing the limits of mobile energy. Combined with several B300S expansion batteries, this modular system can deliver over 18,000Wh of energy, perfect for outages, off-grid trips, and RV living.

Following the launch of its sales campaign for the AC500 and B300S on Indiegogo in early September, BLUETTI found an early audience of interested buyers. That statement is backed by $5 million raised in the first 15 days of the campaign and a milestone of $8 million after 40 days.

Since it has soared through all three of its stretch goals so far, the BLUETTI team is adding massive perks to say thanks to its backers. The company recently added a a free gift pack for every AC500 backer, including a 100W type-c cable, a mug, and a t-shirt. That’s not all either. BLUETTI has already set additional milestones for the remaining days of its campaign – the more it sells, the more you as customers benefit.

We will get into those pledged bonuses later, but first, let’s learn a bit more about the features of this potentially industry-leading portable power storage technology.

What is the BLUETTI AC500 plus B300S Power Station?

As a combined system, the BLUETTI AC500 and B300S can delivery a holistic, all-in-one energy solution to meet nearly any energy need. Whether it’s back up power during an emergency or blackout, limiting dependency on your local electricity, or the dream of living completely off the grid, the AC500 plus B300S system can help.

A key feature of the BLUETTI AC500 plus B300S system is that it is 100% modular, offering anything from 3 to 36 kWh of battery capacity by adding more B300S external expansion batteries. A single AC500 power station is compatible with up to six B300S batteries, totaling 18 kWh in capacity. Add a second AC500 unit and more batteries and you’re looking at a whopping 36 kWh of stored energy – more than enough power to support your home or life off the grid.

As a standalone energy storage device, BLUETTI’s B300S expansion battery gains advantages over competition that requires a separate power station. The B300S is equipped with a 100W USB-C, a 12V/10A car outlet, and an 18W USB-A port as its power source.

The BLUETTI AC500’s 5,000 watts of continuous power means it’s well-equipped to keep your household appliances going, whether its a window A/C unit, a washing machine, or any other larger device.

Need higher power than 5,000 watts during an outage? No problem. Tie two AC500 systems directly to your home’s main panel using a transfer switch to bolster your home’s supply up to 10,000-watts – enough juice to safely power all your home’s circuits, including 240V outlets. BLUETTI recently introduced a brand new transfer switch, which costs just $639 to connect a single AC500 system and $679 for the AC500 split phase system (two AC500 units).

Charging versatility, no matter where you are

If and when your BLUETTI AC500 system runs out of power, you can recoup in a relatively short amount of time. With a single B300S battery pack, you can recharge in just 80 minutes – 3.5 times faster than BLUETTI’s competitors. How you recharge your system is nearly as versatile as the station itself. Whether it’s a wall outlet, car, generator, roof solar or portable panels, you will be able to replenish your AC500 plus B300S system no matter where you are.

Additional, the system’s dual charging capabilities allow for quicker speeds and higher power inputs, wether its AC and solar or AC + AC. A BLUETTI AC500 with one B300S battery can receive up to 4,500W input, while an AC500 with two B300S batteries can achieve a maximum of 8,000W.

Especially if you’re looking to utilize your AC500 plus B300S system off the grid, BLUETTI solar panels could prove quite fruitful in providing clean, unlimited energy to keep your batteries full. Luckily, BLUETTI’s PV40 portable solar panels are available in its crowdfunding campaign.

These 420W monocrystalline solar panels are more durable and can better withstand high temperatures compared to polycrystalline panels, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You can combine up to six BLUETTI PV400 solar panels to charge the AC500 plus B300S system, pushing it back to full capacity in just two hours.

Pricing and shipping times

To begin, the AC500 plus B300S system starts at a price of $1,699 (CONFIRM THIS). A single B300S battery pack is currently available at a discounted price of $1,899. Better yet, get yourself the AC500 combo that comes with not one, but two B300S batteries, currently on sale for $4,999 and will come with the aforementioned gift pack (and hopefully additional perks).

The PV400 solar panels is currently on sale for $799 (27% off), but there are fewer than 200 left at that price. After those panels are sold, the price will go up to $899.

According to BLUETTI sources, 50% of US orders have already been shipped while orders for the EU and the UK are still on the way. All that said, BLUETTI expects 95% of backers to receive their product(s) before year’s end.

Remember those additional milestone bonuses we teased earlier? Well here they are. If BLUETTI reaches $10 million in pledged backing, it will offer backers a four-year warranty on their AC500 plus B300S system. $12 million? That warranty gets bumped up to five years.

BLUETTI’s special campaign combos are in limited quantity and available on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. You’d better hurry too, because BLUETTI’s Indiegogo campaign will close by the end of October and with it will end the perks and exclusive pricing mentioned above.

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