Nearly a year after first teasing plans for a Sierra EV, GMC has officially unveiled the all-electric pickup and opened reservations for the Denali Edition 1 trim to begin. The all-electric 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali will join the Hummer EV pickup and SUV as the third electric truck model in the GMC family. It is promising 400 miles of estimated range in the Edition 1, too.

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Background on the GMC Sierra Denali EV

In December of 2021 GMC announced that an all-electric version of its popular Sierra Denali pickup truck would be the next model sit atop the Ultium platform, joining the Hummer EV. With a pickup version of the Hummer EV out on roads and an SUV to follow, the Sierra EV Denali will arrive in 2024 as GMC’s third all-electric truck for sale.

Being able to offer three separate EV truck models is an achievement the General Motors sub-brand is already publicly touting to paint itself as a pioneer. At the time of the initial tease, we didn’t learn much about the GMC Sierra EV, other than that it would be built at GM’s Factory ZERO Assembly Plant in Michigan. GMC vice president Duncan Aldred, commented at the time:

Sierra Denali holds tremendous equity for GMC and our customers. We now have an opportunity to evolve Sierra’s capabilities and technologies, as afforded by transitioning to an all-electric propulsion while also elevating the luxurious design and comfort associated with Denali.

As promised over ten months ago, GMC has officially unveiled the Sierra EV Denali Edition 1, complete with impressive range and some design details fans of the brand will love. Have a look.

Introducing the GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1

We were fortunate enough to visit NYC earlier this week and get a look at the very first build of the GMC Sierra Denali EV up close, allowing for many of the images you see above and below. Our first impression when getting close is that it’s a quality built EV, despite being a one-of-one version for now (we were not allowed to get inside the vehicle or even close the doors ourselves).

Fans of the GMC brand should be impressed by the Sierra Denali EV, especially if they’re looking to make the switch from combustion to electric. The Edition 1 pickup might entice many of those curious truck drivers, as long as they can afford it. More on that later.

For now, let’s highlight some of the technology inside and out of this upcoming electric truck, and that starts with GM’s Ultium platform. Per GM’s chief engineer of battery electric trucks Nichole Kraatz:

This truck is everything customers know about the Sierra, but is so much more. Leveraging GM’s dedicated Ultium pickup platform, it takes the Sierra franchise to new benchmarks of capability, versatility and luxury — all in a zero-tailpipe-emissions package.

When it inevitably arrives, the GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 will be offered exclusively in a crew cab model with an integrated 5? 11? cargo bed. Its MultiPro Midgate (standard on the Edition 1) expands to nine feet of storage between the cab and the tailgate when open. 

When the MidGate is completely down, the storage length expands further to 10? 10? and can keep cargo in place using the MultiPro Tailgate’s load-stop feature (see paddle board images above).

A 60/40-split second-row offers four different configurations that can haul gear while still accommodating a passenger. Lastly, an available tonneau cover keeps stowed cargo under a lockable, weatherproof cover.

Performance specs

The GM is not sharing the Edition 1 EV’s battery size at this time, but we were told this top tier trim level will feature its largest pack – 24 modules – that deliver an estimated 400 miles of range. The platform has also been a specifically integrated as a structural element of the vehicle, contributing to better overall strength, durability, and performance. The placement of the battery pack also lowers the truck’s center of gravity, adding better stability and a more confident ride for drivers.

The platform powers rear and front motors that combine for e4WD, delivering 754 horsepower and 785 lb-ft of torque in Max Power Mode by GM’s estimates. Max Power Mode is one of several modes Sierra Denali EV drivers will be able to choose from to tackle a variety of terrain scenarios. Here’s how they break down:

  • Standard
    • The highest performance mode. Kidding. Standard, enough said.
  • Tow/Haul
    • Up to 9,500 lbs in towing.
    • A trailering package comes standard on the GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1.
  • Off-Road
    • Just like the name says.
  • MyMode
    • A fully customizable mode based on your driving preferences including ride height.
    • Air Ride active air suspension allows owners to adjust EV height by approximately 2?.
  • Max Power
    • Max HP and torque to deliver top acceleration (0-60 under 4.5 seconds).

Like its Hummer EV sibling, the Sierra Denali EV will offer four-wheel steering which enables “Crab Walk” which subsequently offers a a smaller turning radius and improved maneuverability in tight spots. Here are some other pertinent performance specs:

Charging capabilities – 100 miles of range in ten minutes

Once again thanks to GM’s Ultium EV platform, the GMC Sierra Denali EV should arrive with capabilities for 800V DC public charging up to 350 kW which, according to GM, will enable 100 miles of range in about ten minutes. It also features a 19.2 kW onboard AC charging module.

Thanks to Power Station Pro onboard, the Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 doubles as a mobile power source, offering up to 10.2 kW in off-board power. Owners can access this energy storage via 10 outlets throughout the truck, including an 120V outlet in the eTruck (frunk).

With bi-directional capabilities, the GMC Sierra EV will come equipped with the capability to charge other EVs and operate as a backup power source to your home via GM Energy’s Ultium Home technology. GMC states that a single Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 can power a home’s essential necessities for up to 21 days collectively.

With the purchase of this new electric pickup, owners will also be able to access GM’s growing Ultium Charge 360 network. Next, let’s take a look inside this premium pickup, but be sure to check out all the pretty pictures first.


As you’ll see when you get the opportunity to view this electric truck in person, its design is absolutely a GMC truck through and through. However, its lack of need for several bulky components present in combustion models has empowered the GMC team to streamline the truck’s design in new and exciting ways. Per Sharon Gauci, executive director of Buick and GMC Design:

Without the need to work around a conventional propulsion system, there was an exciting opportunity to reimagine the Sierra EV with a refined yet bold, next-generation modern style and functionality. The Ultium Platform allowed us to design what a truck can offer differently when it comes to appearance, spaciousness and capability. It was an important goal for Sierra EV to be visually distinctive yet maintain the essence of GMC and this can be seen in many elements inside and out. For example the powerful front shield and strong, continuous body side with machined detailing.

As you perused our images above, the first thing you may have noticed is the massive infotainment display in the center of the dash. The 16.8? diagonal freeform touchscreen will arrive as the largest ever in a Sierra model, and is supported by an 11” diagonal reconfigurable driver information center display.

The center dial of the touchscreen controls volume and is joined by analog buttons at the bottom, which are customizable and can be easily reprogrammed and updated alongside the infotainment software via over-the-air (OTA) updates.

The cabin is decorated with premium materials including grain-matched open-pore wood, aluminum, and etched stainless steel. The center console features a wood veneer induction wireless charger that slides open for storage beneath while still charging your smartphone (see above).

The GMC told us the detailed stitching on the front seats correlate with the lines of the truck’s profile and are accented by the light from the new panoramic glass roof above the passengers. It’s tough to gauge the actual comfort of the interior since we are not allowed to get inside, but from a close view, the GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 looks to be built with quality materials throughout.

How sustainably sourced these materials are remains a little more vague, but hey, GM’s getting there. Anyways, here are some other cool features worth noting.

Other cool features on the GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1

  • Hands-Free Start
    • EV turns on after the driver enters with a key fob. Once in the vehicle, the driver simply puts their foot on the brake and puts the vehicle into gear.
  • Center console screen can be “split” to operate up to three apps simultaneously.
    • GM’s Ultifi vehicle software platform will offer new features, apps, and experiences that can be downloaded over the air for greater personalization.
  • A multi-color Head Up Display offers driver 14 diagonal inches of view. 
  • Super Cruise comes standard and is trailer compatible, offering hands-free driver assistance technology on GM’s growing map of roads in North America.
  • EV-enabled propulsion technologies like Regenerative on-demand Braking, one-pedal driving, and 4-wheel steering.

Pricing, availability, and tax credits

Alright here’s a key factor in any and all of these new EV reveals – pricing. Remember, the Denali Edition 1 is the top-level trim of the GMC Sierra EV. Two additional trims (seen above) will join the Denali Edition 1 as 2025 model year EVs. Those will be called the Sierra EV AT4 and Sierra EV Elevation.

Back to Denali. This Edition 1 is expected to begin deliveries in early 2024 for a starting MSRP of $107,000, plus destination fees, taxes, and other applicable fees. Although it will be assembled in Michigan, that price tag immediately disqualifies the GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 from qualifying for federal tax credits, based on revised terms outlined in the recently signed Inflation Reduction Act.

That being said, the 2025 model year trims of the Sierra EV very well could qualify. GMC states its full range of electric Sierra trucks will start at MSRPs around $50,000 – well below the current $80k threshold for SUVs to qualify for credits. GMC said it will share more details including ranges and trailer capabilities at a later date closer to start of production.

With the launch of this news, the GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 is officially open for reservations on the GMC website.

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