Ford’s electric vehicles are being put to good use, you know, other than saving the planet from harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Since launching, they have been used as power sources during devastating disasters like hurricanes and floods. Now, Ford reports its electric vehicles, including the F-150 Lightning truck and E-transit van, are being put to work for another kind of use – making a movie.

As more people are driving electric vehicles than ever before, consumers are learning they can be used for more than just zero-emission driving.

The possibilities continue presenting themselves for these vehicles’ powerful mobile battery. Ford’s electric vehicles, in particular, offer a unique feature called Pro Power Onboard. The technology converts Ford’s EVs into mobile generators with the ability to power a job site, camping setup, or anything that requires energy.

The Ford F-150 Lightning loaded with Pro Power Onboard gives you up to 9.6 kW power with 11 conveniently spread-out plugs. Four 120V outlets can be found in the truck’s massive Frunk, two in the cab, four inside, and the last is a 240V in the bed.

In August, Electrek reported an F-150 Lightning was used to provide portable power for crews during a Kentucky flood.

And then, more recently, during the devastating Hurricane Ian when 2.6 million people were left without power, reports surfaced of people using their Ford electric vehicles to power essentials in their homes.

It seems Ford’s EVs are more valuable than just during an emergency. Ford Canada reports a new film used power from several of its electric vehicles to make the movie possible.

Ford’s electric vehicles power up movie set

Ford partnered with Director Parra, an industry veteran, to make Mushroom, a short film featuring two unique mushroom foragers who stumble upon the discovery of a lifetime while a war brews to see who will get it.

The movie was set in the forest, so it’s a good thing mobile electric power is now a viable option with recent EV battery tech advancements. The movie was made possible with the power of three Ford electric vehicles, two E-Transits, and one Ford F-150 Lightning. Ford Canada states the EVs were used for:

Powering on-set lightning effects and windstorms, hi-definition cameras, and even the production’s coffee maker – if it needed a kilowatt, it was a Ford electric vehicle with available Pro Power Onboard that was ready to provide it.

Mike Andre from the film’s camera crew talks about how he was blown away by the functions:

We see the front, has a whole other cabin/storage space, to store whatever goods you have. It has so many different functions, yeah its surprising.

The success shows the potential that electric vehicles, like Ford’s, can be used as mobile power generators to support creative endeavors. You can watch the video on youtube here.

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