Portable power stations are becoming more than just a battery – they are appliances that can augment a home. Beyond camping trips, they can help keep the lights on in emergencies, keep computer essentials on when the power goes out, and power backyard activities. The EcoFlow DELTA 2 combines crazy-fast recharge times with huge power output and long life thanks to LFP batteries. And at $999 is priced right in line with the competition. Be sure to hit the video below to check it out. 

Capacity, battery, and cycle life

Having a power station that’s capable of handling life’s adventures as well as emergencies delivers peace of mind. In today’s connected world, having one at home for essential devices like a CPAP machine is just as important as running an electric grill at the campsite.

To handle life’s twists and turns, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 features 1024Wh of capacity from its LFP or LiFePO4 battery. Rated up to 3,000 cycles, the DELTA 2 is also built to handle life for years to come.

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Weight and dimensions

While larger power stations are usually heavy and inconvenient to transport, the 27-lb EcoFlow DELTA 2 features large handles that make it easy to get off the shelf, throw in the back of a car, or take along for a photo shoot. 

EcoFlow DELTA 2: Video

EcoFlow DELTA 2: Power and output

To match the large 1KWh capacity, DELTA 2 packs 1800W AC power output. That’s enough for a normal household microwave or one of my favorites, a Breville Barista Pro espresso machine. The DELTA 2 can also prevent overloading thanks to X-Boost technology that reaches up to 2200W. 

Ins and outs

To keep up with changing situations at home or at the campsite, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 also has a nice assortment of outputs for powering up to 15 devices simultaneously. On the front are two USB-A ports at 2.4A going up to 12W max. Two USB-A fast charge ports can reach up to 18W max output. 

Additionally, there are two USB-C ports that can reach up to 100W max output. 

On the back are six AC outlets for up to 1800W total output with a surge up to 2700W. Under the AC outlets are two 3A DC outputs as well as a 10A car-style barrel port. 


Quickly finding all of the most important information is simple on the DELTA 2’s bright display. A large percentage and circular indicator quickly show how much charge is left right in the middle. On the left, the largest number on the display is an indicator of how many hours the power station can continue with the current load. Additionally, that time will switch to recharge time, which is displayed in hours or minutes when plugged in.

On the right are readings for current output and input wattages. 

Recharge time

One standout feature of the EcoFlow DELTA 2 is its incredible recharge rate. On AC power, this power station can go from 0% to 80% in 50 minutes and up to 100% in 80 minutes. Considering that many portable power stations can take upwards of eight hours to get back to a full charge, this is a huge time-saving feature. Rather than taking one-third of a day, the battery can be ready for an incoming storm, last-minute camping trip, or a backyard movie night in just over an hour. 

Additionally, the DELTA 2 can be charged by up to 500W from solar panels. With the right hardware, the DELTA 2 makes living green a little bit easier. 

And when not in use outside of the home, the DELTA 2 also works as an emergency power supply. If you need to keep some essential electronics powered on when the lights go out, having the DELTA 2 set up as an emergency power supply will keep a computer powered on, a CPAP machine running, or any other critical device.


If the EcoFlow DELTA 2 sounds like an appliance you want to add to your arsenal, the $1,000 price tag is right in line with the competition, but the feature set makes it a great choice. Crazy-fast recharge times and huge power output mean it’s ready for life’s twists, turns, and adventures. 

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